Actor, Hawker, Politician, Thief

Geesh!  Another distressing moment in television history; debates are multiplying like snails…and just as slow to come to any historical significance.

Journalists, Get Real.  Stop turning political discussions into present-day, cultural icon drivel.  Why do you accept as newsworthy the testimonial clap trap from a parade of successful actors, lifetime office holders, and other “highly acclaimed” professionals in their fields?  How dare they and you insult the intelligence of the American public who actually know our business, understand basic economics, and can speak from our experiences without a script!

Even Joe Consumer understands the unemployment rate will decrease every December, and then increase come January.  When was the last time any office holder had to maintain a payroll? Or submit a five year business plan before being granted the business loan asked for?

And do we really have to have a political discussion on issues that were formerly private (i.e. abortion and contraception), and beyond the government’s scope (i.e. your family’s dietary choices) and thereby distract us from the country’s real, more pressing issues like the current unemployment rate, border security,  and trade imbalance?

Which candidate?  Doesn’t matter.  Pick one, any one, and tell me you are not ready to slink under the family dining room table and hide this political season.  I rest my case.