Frail but Faithful

Will we gather at the table and express our gratitude?

Or will rushing, haste and waste extract what is merely low and crude?

I don’t want to work my way through foreign practices or thoughts;

I just want to feel your presence, Father – I want what most have sought!


I want a sign; a small aside to catch my eye… and then:

I may further my day’s journey and believe in YOU again!

There are days I seek to understand Your Will for me; I really do!

Other morns seem distant; if something is amiss, I forget what I once knew.


The months when all seems lost? Yes, I’ve had a few too many now;

Or the times when turmoil reeks of pain; when worries consume my humble brow.

The frost but chills my inner doubt; I can’t see through layered ice.

You’re asking me to follow you; you’ve not asked once but twice!


I know better, Lord, than to ignore Your call…I’ve a mind and a willing heart!

Help me sort the rice from chaff, successfully keep ills and loved ones apart.

May those who watch my weary stance bequeath anew their hearts and minds,

That everlasting life may crown us frail but faithful kinds.