Ugly American Virus

I used to worry about things that were always beyond my control…Daddy even asked me one day,

Why are you carrying the world on your shoulder?  Your mother has the other half!!!

Subtle, but I actually remember this remark and it stuck with me.  While I realize some things are totally out of my area of responsibility, I have never transitioned from my overly sensitive seventh sense in order to overcome the deep embarrassment that I suffer on an increasingly daily basis by some of our most “honorable” fellow citizenry:  public servants, journalists, and today’s politically correct youth.

I can handle American tacky tourists; if they wish to travel to Europe and insist on mooning their old world fellows, then let them.  The Europeans are perfectly capable of standing their ground.  If Europe wants the tourism, they’ll put up with most of the pretentious, demanding, elitist games that the nouveau riche from the nouveau world like to play.  Old Europe recognizes them for what they are: many are socially incompetent individuals with money to burn…so, why not suffer the insults and collect a bit of income from these tacky Americans?  All’s fair in love, war and capitalism, n’est ce pas?

I have a bigger problem with the ignoramuses and the Generation Z Neanderthals who hail from America but are completely ignorant of our history and founding values.  Especially in an election year when I have to listen to “reporting” from young-something journalists who don’t understand what reporting or the definition of “newscast” should be.

Obviously, cognitive thinking or word problems were skipped for those students who were “working toward” their degree. They graduated in reading Teleprompters. What drivel comes out of these beautifully coiffed talking heads should be taken with Pepto Bismol or a good antacid…whatever is still available over the counter.

Could they even find Korea on a map? Did someone remove the Webster’s Dictionary from their reach?  Does the name Oxford ring a bell? Or did someone tell them they needn’t open a book; just surf the internet and truth will come forth…yep.   Take Wikipedia. That’s a sure fire example of an internet site that has been oversold as a reputable source of data for these latter day Grasshoppers.  Indoctrination 1; instruction 0.

Depending on the I.Q. of the participants, one can pull whatever “history” is out there.  Just don’t promise your first born. I remember Pierre Salinger taking that trip down the internet tide; and subsequently laughed off the nightly news for his gullibility.  How easy it was to discredit an old, over 60, political duffer who still loved his country and feared for its safety.  Respect was replaced with indifference and, worse yet, ridicule for one of our past cabinet members.

Do any of you recall the blind-sided manner in which a Catholic candidate was treated?  Or when a candidate with mental illness was later derided as incompetent and, therefore, forced out of the primaries?

Where is it written that those with the microphones win?  Where is it written that those who profess to study or have walked in someone else’s shoes are without credibility?

First, they came for the Jews.  Then, they came for the Mormons.  Then, they came for the Catholics.  Who will be next?

Frankly, I wish they’d come for the Morons…their arrogance and microphones are long overdue for a good antibacterial wipe down.