Maturity Rising

So, I have always heard that as one gets older, one compromises on her convictions; could it be depression?  Or tired blood ???

I met with a new insurance man yesterday; I succumbed to a silver plan under the Health Management site…i.e. Affordable Care – what an oxymoron.  I, who have always paid my way now will realize an over 400 dollar tax credit (subsidy) PER MONTH beginning in 2015; and I will have CO-PAYS again…all because of the benevolence of our American 1% who are being taxed UP THE WAZOO to carry not only the indigent but the former middle class (yours truly) who used to earn enough via corporate employment to have not only medical but dental and optical coverage as well.  I could carry my dependent spouse with coverage that far exceeded any Medicare supplement plan now available.

My new premium will be under 100.00! A savings of over 95.00 per month from my current 2014 plan.  Of course, I abandoned any hope of maintaining an HSA account; I am self-employed and legitimately could continue to save money in an account, but this past year has yielded no additional deposits. I’ve had to cry uncle just to meet my estimated monthly budget.  With luck, I’ll be able to pay off what medical debt this past year has accrued within the first half of 2015.
Are we starving? NO.  Are we eating differently?  YES, but – so far, so good – because I know how to cook from scratch.  Are we able to save?  Rarely.  My IRA will supply the necessary real estate taxes due this December.

Am I pissed about this transformation of our republic?  Without a doubt.  But I am too tired to resist any more.  Must be that tired blood thing…now, if I only had Trump’s address to write him a thank you note…