Days of the Week Blues

Have I succumbed to the worker bee mindset that the weekend was too short? What is it about the Monday morning drag?

Perhaps that’s why Wednesday evening meetings and gatherings are so well-timed; whether church or school related, the mind can settle on the idea of celebrating in fellowship a task or project with friends – it’s the middle of the week; why not?

Which brings me to my point:  perhaps a rotating work week or other options are considerably more pliable; I might even spring to step with the first day of my week, say, Thursday.  Thursday is really underrated.  I think we need to begin on Thursday, work through Saturday, then practice Sunday as a true day of rest; crack the books or coffee can again on Monday and stay focused through Tuesday.

Imagine the prayers we could have Wednesday night for a “good week” beginning Thursday.  And the quiet we’d experience in the office.  Until consumers once again remember the 800 number…

Saturday…ahhhhh… time to sleep in.  Except my inner clock for some reason rings the alarm early that day, and


I’m ready to go!  Just where was all this enthusiasm last Monday?