When mackerels were holy and the circus came to town,

We children sat upright with smiles, few of us had frowns!

Our parents taught us well; we knew how to behave.

Forgetting manners in public wasn’t minor…it was grave!


There was no “wait until we get home” pardon…

We were talked to right then! And put our kid guard on.

Knowing the lines were now drawn: Rights were NOT Wrongs.

When mackerels were holy, our summer feet wore thongs.


A taste of Hawaii was fresh pineapple gobbled in pretend grass huts!

This entertained youngsters with imagination and guts.

Teachers taught students to think, encouraging questions and debate.

When mackerels were holy, young minds discerned morals from raw hate.


Holidays we drank soda: crème, orange and strawberry!

The rest of the year: milk, water or juice; choices didn’t vary.

Seasonings from far off places flavored a melting pot of tastes;

When mackerels were holy, mothers supervised the family’s plates.