Economic Follies


I’ve never had enough income to avoid reality; after a short-lived stint as an idealist, I became a pragmatist.  And my politics followed.

Yes, I am opinionated…but as a lady, I am politely opinionated.

Also, I have realistically reassessed my career path:  unfortunately, in today’s economy, I would be worth more if I were an antique chair.

Thus, I’ve embarked on a personal voyage: exploring all the possibilities; discovering my inner self, building up my self-esteem, inventorying my talents and expertise; in essence, I am reevaluating some childhood dreams and exploring the free market opportunities that still exist in this good ‘ole USA republic (YES, it is a REPUBLIC, NOT a democracy; don’t argue with me, my history textbooks are older than most of you!)


I’m thinking of going into a ministry as a second career…evangelizing in redneck bars and grills instead of walking the countryside (since I’m not really very outdoor-sy).  Currently, I’m composing a medley of show tunes and old gospel favorites especially for the hangover crowd, entitled How Great Thou Smarts

This could be the niche I’ve been looking for, if I can just patch the bellows on my old squeezebox…