Politics and ‘ol Blue Eyes

As much as I love music and will give anyone credit for singing a cappella in front of a crowd, I can’t take it any longer!  Presidential Candidates singing traditional Americana have taken me to the edge!  Perhaps they should dump the Francis Scott Key, George M. Cohan, and Irving Berlin tunes and, instead, favor the more contemporary show tunes loved and recognized by the American public.

To quote my uncle:  If you can’t beat them, join them.

Thus, I have compiled the following chart to both entertain and introduce voters to our current political psyche… Imagine how different America’s recorded history might have been had the American electorate hired ‘ol Blue Eyes’ to serenade us all the way to the polls:

YEAR: Candidate: PARTY: Motivation/Dedication to: Sinatra Standard:
2012 Herman Cain R Entrepreneur (dropped 2012 candidacy) It Never Entered My Head
2012 Michele M. Bachmann R MN Congresswoman (dropped 2012 candidacy) The Gal That Got Away
2012 Newton Leroy “Newt” Gingrich R Former Speaker, 58th Congress and Historian Don’tcha Go ‘Way Mad
2012 Richard John “Rick” Santorum R As of this writing, the only 2012 candidate who has not sung in a public venue Without A Song
2012 Willard “Mitt” Romney R Accused as Flip-Flopper on Important Issues From This Moment On
2008 Barack H. Obama D First Black President’s vow to his First Lady Michelle I Won’t Dance
2000 Albert A. Gore D Alternative Energy Proponent Summer Wind
2000 George W. Bush R President during 9-11 Terrorism Attacks When the World Was Young
1996 Robert J. Dole R World War II Veteran and Viagra Spokesman Night and Day
1992 William J. Clinton D Scandal-ridden Administration I’ve Got A Crush On You
1984 Walter F. Mondale D Running Mate Geraldine A. Ferraro Luck Be A Lady
1980 Ronald W.  Reagan R Love song to his First Lady Nancy with the Laughing Face
1976 Jimmy Carter D Promised to lead as a Washington outsider Fools Rush In
1974 Gerald R. Ford R Only President not elected by Electoral College Nice Work if You Can Get It
1968 Richard M. Nixon R Resigned presidency; owner of subpoenaed tapes How Deep is the Ocean
1960 John F. Kennedy D Space Exploration Challenge Fly Me to the Moon
1952 Dwight D. Eisenhower R After supervising DeGaulle, the American Presidency would be a picnic! Nice ‘n Easy
1948 Harry S. Truman D Dedicated to Douglas McArthur I Get Along Without You Very Well