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Written to the tune of Cockeyed Optimist from South Pacific, with my apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein.   I couldn’t help but toss a melting pot of ingredients into the crock pot during this political season, especially after listening to one endearing “movie tradesman” remind us of our roles…   WHEN MY VEGGIES ARE SPENT AND […]



Forty years ago, I was a new bride, determined to run a home with matching dishes, orderly towels stacked in my linen closet, and a kitchen floor that anyone could eat from, even if anything was dropped; in MY home, a 3 minute rule would apply! It was the 70’s but I’d had one too […]


The Shark in the Driveway

I had loved him from the beginning; the Shark was a handsome, loving, big brother type guy who always had a hug and smile for me.  I would forever be the little flower girl who lived next door.  I can still remember studying in my room and hearing the squeaking brakes come to a stop […]


When Life’s Dreams Are Interrupted

There was no doubt in my mind; the effect must have been the same… I’ll bet you never thought you’d live through anything like this again. No, I never imagined…thought we’d seen it all…. That was the conversation between my ex mother-in-law and me on Wednesday morning, September 12, 2001, the day after the World […]


Gratitude Pending

When all that’s left in me is gratitude, I permit myself some moments to reflect upon the good things that My Rogue and I have enjoyed these past several months. Of course, my perfectionist tendencies still argue within me; especially these days, when writer’s block, senior moments, and other “cutesy excuses” cover my day’s production […]


Wabbit Watching

My Rogue and I have been walking the Riverfront Trail, a joint project of the city park system and The Washington Rotary Club.  It is a much loved, scenic path that winds along the Missouri River as it passes by Washington’s Historic Downtown Area. We have groaned and complained upon arising each day until we […]


We’ve Each A Place

By what authority proclaimed, by what process or fair measure? Removing living things deemed irritants…are they not also treasures? Even seedlings have intrinsic beauty, some small redeeming grace. Might I not display the buds upon my finest lace?   Dear Lord, who’s eye has deemed them such, to reach but never grow? Should I weed […]

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