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Talking Turkey

Our most American tradition – celebrating the year’s harvest and blessings – is once again upon us.  Thanksgiving is a holiday that Americans can historically claim as our very own. Does that mean that other peoples before us were ungrateful?  Not by any means.  But IT IS OURS, the one day on the calendar that […]


House Hunting in the 90’s

You’re going to buy a house… BY YOURSELF? Yes, Daddy…women DO own houses by themselves these days! Well, just make sure you own the land, Honey.  Don’t get involved with any of that condo crap… Once a father, always a father.  Daddy was still giving his advice, even now at eighty-seven years of age and […]


The Seasons Are But Few

You loaned me once a garden, and whispered quietly, See what you can create in it with tools and reverie. You’ll draw from each day’s tending any lessons meant for you. Understand the garden beds are loaned; the seasons are but few; They’ll come a time when blossoms fade; remember well their place! I heard […]


When Prayers Waft Through My Garden Bed

A bit of ground had beckoned once; Softened, sandy-colored soil; Rooted deeply, wherein Choice and Chance diminished symmetry, Yet offered solace still for me. Simply, plainly, unadorned… Tinted leaves in sky-kissed blue.   When prayers waft through my garden bed, I find the dreams I’d planted there. A Master’s Hand had long ago Spread wide […]


Maturity Rising

So, I have always heard that as one gets older, one compromises on her convictions; could it be depression?  Or tired blood ??? I met with a new insurance man yesterday; I succumbed to a silver plan under the Health Management site…i.e. Affordable Care – what an oxymoron.  I, who have always paid my way […]


Gratitude Pending

When all that’s left in me is gratitude, I permit myself some moments to reflect upon the good things that My Rogue and I have enjoyed these past several months. Of course, my perfectionist tendencies still argue within me; especially these days, when writer’s block, senior moments, and other “cutesy excuses” cover my day’s production […]


Gifting Outside the Box

Establishing months for special causes works really well for marketing purposes, but it won’t prevent the occasional gaps that occur in between.  A good example is our Military Families and Veterans.  May and November holidays call attention to these groups, but their needs are year-round. Americans are some of the most caring and generous people […]

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