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Lights! Table Tops! Action!

Daddy worked lots of late hours; the Christmas season was no exception.  Because Mom didn’t drive, we had to wait until Daddy came home early enough on a December evening to eat, then all hop in the car to go shopping for a tree under the Christmas tree lights at the nearest tree lot, often […]


Renewed Pleasures

Like other families’ homes in the early fifties, ours was a brightly colored mix of multi-colored lights, some store bought decorations and some handcrafted ornaments from school that adorned the walls and surfaces to make our home festive! Mom hated fussing with the light strings, so my job as I grew older was to string […]


An Orange for Christmas!

Mom always retained her astonishment at things that people said and did.  She was certainly sheltered from much of humanity’s depravity, despite the hard times she actually experienced as a child. As the little lady of the house, Mom was responsible for making sure she had her uniform cleaned and pressed for school each day.  […]


We Need a Little Aspirin

(sung to the tune of We Need a Little Christmas with apologies to Auntie Mame and the rest of the family) Verse One: Haul out the GARBAGE! Let the two dogs out past you; leave the DOOR ajar! Oops! Toast is BURNING… I should have stayed in bed –OH! Drat. Where’d I LAST hide the […]



LEFTOVERS How many frogs does it take to cook a turkey? Only one; it’s genetic and she’s damn good at it! Our kitchen was always fragrant with onions, celery, garlic, parsley, thyme… one of the neighbors from around the block would walk up the driveway and comment, Whatever you are cooking smells wonderful! Even the […]


We Were Americans

Mom and Dad brought a common heritage to their first and only new home on Rubberneck Avenue.  Our table had the same four food groups from “down the house” like our grandparents‘ home: wine, French bread, salami, and cheese.  The traditional hospitality of offering a casa croute (sharing of the house bread) continued on Rubberneck […]

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