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I’m sure my father never thought twice about the plywood he delivered to my junior high school that day; but I remember it on occasion, especially on days like this when I think I haven’t accomplished nearly what I set out to do. In fact, today was one of those the whole damn day was […]


You’ve Read My Heart

I could not see through darker days and clouds that hide the silver offered me; if not for You.  You beckon me into Your arms, embracing me well before I sense the coming cold. Responding to my childlike, mumbled cries and tears, Your answers come to my unspoken prayers…I need no longer fear. You’ve read […]


Sunday’s Pleasures

I worked at the downtown card shop with another mother who was a pastor’s wife; she had invited us to attend service for some time, so I decided to attend one Sunday and drove across town with my only child to their church.  I remember saying No gum to my little girl as we walked […]


Equally Yoked

It was many years into my practicing being a Protestant that I came to finally hear (or perhaps actually understand) the biblical concept “equally yoked”. The expression did indeed explain a multitude of current dilemmas that I’d been unable to articulate for many months.  Depression had set in and some days, I wouldn’t have known […]


By Any Other Name

Daddy coined the name, “Rubberneck Avenue”, because one could safely leave the house on any given day or time and know that with all the women keeping watch out their windows your family’s possessions were completely safe from harm. I was in grammar school when the Hot-line between the Kremlin and the White House was […]



I am slowly facing the reality that I can no longer multi-task; at least, not when it comes to combining my entrepreneurial, social networking with my love for cooking. My Rogue sat there and didn’t say much last night.  He was gulping down the food in his normal fashion; the joke around here is that […]


Political Passionist

My principal in elementary school must be rolling over in his grave.  Today, the Pledge of Allegiance is not necessarily a daily routine; few school children across our nation can recite it.  Some districts suggest that replacing older, thread-worn flags isn’t in the budget, so they do not exist in all classrooms. But for the […]

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