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God’s Country

This was certainly a different place.  Here I hadn’t level ground for a garden of my own.  There were no fences to mark our home’s property, just lawns that stretched over what had once been a family farm.  We purchased a rolling slope instead, which colored the land with perennial greens of blue and yellowed […]


The Decorating Blues

Once remarried, we both settled in, painting the walls white and arranging our little fixer upper to suit our different tastes.  Tastes aside and first things first, we agreed; some tasks would have to take priority:  most notably, the snails, weeds, out-of-control wisteria, and assorted indoor/outdoor plumbing problems.  Having completed this first wave of marital […]


Clandestine Chicken Skin

It was a simple task, but too tempting to refuse.  I’d come home early enough that Monday evening and decided, because of the heat, a salad would be great and light for dinner.  So, I began the process of boning the left over roast chicken. The skin; golden, seasoned and succulent – began speaking to […]


The Final Round

I grew up and shared Mom’s fascination with the return of the swallows to Capistrano each St. Joseph’s Day, March 19th.  Their consistency heralded that spring was once again on the horizon and we’d share another season of God’s timely gifts. Like the swallows, I’d too returned back home – and actually had a second […]


When Everyone Was Irish

Across the Bay, the City had a parade each year.  Even the Italians walked among their Irish compatriots, extolling the Virtues of the Green in their mutually adopted new homeland.  This was America.  The Melting Pot.  Monthly Holidays in a myriad of global refinery and adapted traditions, representing many of the nationalities that had built […]


Bi-Lingual Gig

During junior and senior high, I took French in school; much to my dismay, I wasn’t a “natural” at it, despite or because of my mother’s own pronunciation, which frequently differed with my teachers’ Parisian-style “proper” French accents.  I found it difficult to feel at ease speaking in class and at home. I found it […]


When One Can Only Plant a Thought

How fast my gardener’s spade can reap a secret place to pine Days like these mean petals must oblige: the rules are mine Know well my heart’s disruptive pace, discordant reverie I’ll need no bench; the ground will hold my weakened, soulful me   No need to use a garden hose or soak the planted […]

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