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Rediscovering Uriah Heep

In hindsight, perhaps my generation really was apathetic; or, I might suggest, we learned to be quite cynical…cynical and proud of it!  After Kennedy’s assassination, few of us believed little if anything that our federal government officials chose to share. The Warren Commission hadn’t answered our questions; it had only raised additional concerns.  LBJ had […]


Innocent Bystander

For the most part, my father was a very unassuming man in attitude and countenance.  It didn’t help him at the age of ten to have been compared to his older, more handsome siblings.  All nine were lined up in front of some old French woman who had decided it was her position in the […]


Another Campus

Daddy knew I wanted to pursue a teaching degree; but it was entirely at odds with his understanding of opportunities that existed for his children’s generation.  I was “Teach”.   Those times that I showed any conviction about any topic, Daddy would reply, “OK, Teach!” and chuckle…in his own way, he really was acknowledging my abilities, […]


The Pink Drawer

My mother’s focus was solely on the welfare and care of her family and home. She had no outside hobbies, unless you counted her weekly walks to the boulevard gift shop.  Mom loved sending cards; she found the perfect one for the occasion or refused to send one at all, promising herself she’d look again […]



Having to take the Christmas decorations down was always sad for me.  I loved waking to the lights on the tree in the morning; Mom always lit them for us so we could enjoy our hot chocolate or coffee or breakfast with our tree in clear view.  So often, I think of the folks during […]


Seeing Through the Frost

So, I walk within my garden; it is cold; and I am chilled! I’ve still earth, but seek a memory of the birds’ last summer trill. I’ve an old tree standing there.  Will I once more see it leaf? The surrounding ground seems spent; I am filled with winter’s grief.   I suppose should I […]


Growing Wiser

By January 6th, our tree was hanging on for dear life.  We never put it in a bucket of water. It stood on its own wooden stand on top of the marble and cherry Victorian table.  The silver tips were very brittle and drooping long before the Feast of the Epiphany arrived. Time to put […]

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