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I am slowly facing the reality that I can no longer multi-task; at least, not when it comes to combining my entrepreneurial, social networking with my love for cooking. My Rogue sat there and didn’t say much last night.  He was gulping down the food in his normal fashion; the joke around here is that […]


Political Passionist

My principal in elementary school must be rolling over in his grave.  Today, the Pledge of Allegiance is not necessarily a daily routine; few school children across our nation can recite it.  Some districts suggest that replacing older, thread-worn flags isn’t in the budget, so they do not exist in all classrooms. But for the […]


Social Studies in the Sixties

Before there was a mouse in every house, we were fortunate enough to have small district libraries within walking range from home.  We also had well-maintained and well supplied public schools within a system that was considered exceptional; the latter easily vied with the more expensive, private parochial schools that dotted the city limits. Age-appropriate […]



Internet emails continue to circulate long after they first debut; so, I was recently reminded of a vacation highlight that we had visited during 1980; this was on the same trip in which my parents and my daughter would share their first Disneyland experience together. Victorville was one of our stops.  We purposely deviated from […]


Clandestine Chicken Skin

It was a simple task, but too tempting to refuse.  I’d come home early enough that Monday evening and decided, because of the heat, a salad would be great and light for dinner.  So, I began the process of boning the left over roast chicken. The skin; golden, seasoned and succulent – began speaking to […]

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