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Our living and dining rooms were quite lovely for the time.  The walls were “lumiere green” which is the French term for subtle chartreuse.  The carpeting was green-gold in color; its correct name was Grecian gold; again, more marketing than definitive of the actual shade. The fireplace bricks were painted a dulled red-brown to simulate […]


Finding the You

I always believed one could learn from their associates, whether older or younger; moreover, that this mom doesn’t always know what is best or even possible. Such thoughts remind me that motherhood is a blessing, not a skilled artisan’s vocational specialty…and my learning curve is ever evolving. So it was with my daughter recently, as […]


The Big Porch

When little ones surround us or come say hello and share their days, We can but offer rapt attention! Habits are from mentors’ time-worn ways. Thank you, Lord! How grateful we are that they climb the walk to our front door! What? A new feather? A sticker? A toy? Our porch can hold them all […]


24-7 Entrepreneurial Bliss

Less any reader be misled, I truly do understand that the term 24-7 was originally coined to advertise a business or service entity’s round the clock availability to its clientele. As a public service to other working-at-home wives, allow me to clarify for the men in our lives the normal signs of a female telecommuter […]


$18.00 Worth

Having taken the opportunity to visit one of America’s premier garden shows, I paid $18.00 a ticket; still ticket shocked, I walked through the gate inside the Cow Palace with really great expectations of viewing exceptional plantings and ground coverings, hopefully some that I might duplicate in my own garden on Esteban. Unfortunately, I believe […]


When I’m Reduced to Prayer

  When weakened by dismay, Lord, remind me that You care. Restore in me a thankful heart.  Cajole me into prayer!   When weakened by life’s hurts, Lord, remind me that You live. Restore in me a quiet peace. Teach me to forgive!   When weakened by earth’s trials, Lord, remind me that You know. […]


The Seasons Are But Few

You loaned me once a garden, and whispered quietly, See what you can create in it with tools and reverie. You’ll draw from each day’s tending any lessons meant for you. Understand the garden beds are loaned; the seasons are but few; They’ll come a time when blossoms fade; remember well their place! I heard […]

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