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Bi-Lingual Gig

During junior and senior high, I took French in school; much to my dismay, I wasn’t a “natural” at it, despite or because of my mother’s own pronunciation, which frequently differed with my teachers’ Parisian-style “proper” French accents.  I found it difficult to feel at ease speaking in class and at home. I found it […]



A morning not unlike before; except, that March day, I chose to sit And in the sun clothe soul and mind amid the warmth before it quit. My child was safe in school that day, her father having left for work; So few quiet moments came those years wherein I enjoyed a welcome quirk. From […]


Groundhog Grief

I can’t explain the depression and the grief that imprint upon my heart an underlying ache; at least, not very succinctly.  A friend tells me that I have several good reasons that would give anyone cause to sulk or weep.  If she says so, okay. But I can’t stand far enough away to see; my […]


Growing Wiser

By January 6th, our tree was hanging on for dear life.  We never put it in a bucket of water. It stood on its own wooden stand on top of the marble and cherry Victorian table.  The silver tips were very brittle and drooping long before the Feast of the Epiphany arrived. Time to put […]


New Year Bug

Frogonomics; Chapter 104   Happy New Year? Bah Humbug!!! I’m in a funk. I thought that by keeping Germs happy and drunk   Enough so, I’d sidestep A stimulus of ills; Instead, I’m in bed Without syrup and pills!   Fiscal Cliff Lemmings And Elves early-retired Will share in a plethora Of shelves deeply mired […]


We Had a Thing for Guy

The folks prided themselves on knowing what good music was; they each had strong musical ability. My dad had sung in a barbershop quartet, competed, and won a chance to sing professionally.  He’d have traveled the country via the Orpheum Circuit – had one of their guys not turned chicken, gone into hiding, then appear […]


Seeing Through the Frost

So, I walk within my garden; it is cold; and I am chilled! I’ve still earth, but seek a memory of the birds’ last summer trill. I’ve an old tree standing there.  Will I once more see it leaf? The surrounding ground seems spent; I am filled with winter’s grief.   I suppose should I […]

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