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A Fork in the Road

I wanted the silverware more than I ever imagined, and they have proven to be magical wands full of memories.  I do not mix a can of tuna or turn a slice of meat in the pan without remembering the mannerism that I watched and absorbed all those years in the kitchen next door.  Our […]



Of course not!  Mom insisted that her only son would never have etched his initials in the cement section down the street. No, he didn’t do that! After further consideration, Winnie and I could think of countless kids on the block who’d grown up during the fifties and whose initials were EB…with a “53” inserted […]


Accordionist Angst; Part Two

My musical ability had pleased my folks.  It was just another way of bringing smiles to one’s parents…no harm in that. I assured myself that I could move on.  If I played it right (no pun intended), I could put those accordion days behind me and, all things being equal, live a quality life.  Finding […]


Accordionist Angst

I began music lessons on April 9.  The good news was that I had talent and an ear for music.  The bad news was that I chose to learn the accordion…in the Year of our Lord 1961. My father was delighted!!! An Accordion carried the melody…it was a REAL instrument.  So, at the age of […]


The Green Easter Egg

The year was 1979.  Thank God for my dear aunt by marriage; she invited me to make sugar eggs with her.  My childlike delight escaped from my normal responsible confines imposed upon myself; I agreed to join her in that Easter’s endeavor. We were elbow deep in sugar and decorator frosting for several weeks, commandeering […]


Rocky Road and Silly Rabbit Trails

I don’t imagine that old John made too many of these treats, since he worked alone so much of the time; but he annually took orders each spring for his special creations. The Brat and I could always count on one of his beautiful, hand-decorated Easter eggs, thanks to our Italian neighbor.  She would gift […]


Rejoicing on Rubberneck Avenue

Fifty years ago, in my small little world of Rubberneck Avenue, I understood that families with German heritage “were Lutheran only” and the remaining European descent around the block were customarily of the Roman Catholic faith.  Obviously, I’d lost something in the finer details about the Reformation. Not to worry…on our block, one of our […]

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