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When I’m Reduced to Prayer

  When weakened by dismay, Lord, remind me that You care. Restore in me a thankful heart.  Cajole me into prayer!   When weakened by life’s hurts, Lord, remind me that You live. Restore in me a quiet peace. Teach me to forgive!   When weakened by earth’s trials, Lord, remind me that You know. […]


The Seasons Are But Few

You loaned me once a garden, and whispered quietly, See what you can create in it with tools and reverie. You’ll draw from each day’s tending any lessons meant for you. Understand the garden beds are loaned; the seasons are but few; They’ll come a time when blossoms fade; remember well their place! I heard […]


Nurturing Garden Blues

Mom would have loved my back yard garden once it had developed after the first few seasons.  She would have enjoyed the maturity of the trees and the scattered perennial shrubs.  Blue was her favorite color, so the lobelia that I’d dappled here and there to offset the varied pinks and orange hues would have […]


Sunday’s Pleasures

I worked at the downtown card shop with another mother who was a pastor’s wife; she had invited us to attend service for some time, so I decided to attend one Sunday and drove across town with my only child to their church.  I remember saying No gum to my little girl as we walked […]


Role Playing

From an early age, I was dubbed “the little mother”.  What a label to pin upon a girl who would later grow up wanting a college education, not a brood of her own.  I was the little mother; the one most likely to respond to someone who needed care of some kind or another.  I […]


Election Year Interrogation

You’re going to vote for Reagan, aren’t you? Daddy asked the question fully expecting a resounding yes. We’d been down this road before; the discussion normally started with the who are you voting for, then the fatherly counsel followed with the whys, hows, whats and whens in every election year for as long as I […]


Enduring Partnership

Mom was always genuine and steadfast during good and sad times; she could be relied upon, often with Daddy at her side. The two of them had worked their business together for many years, leaving the two children to fend for themselves after school hours so that Mom could stay in the shop and greet […]

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