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Wabbit Watching

My Rogue and I have been walking the Riverfront Trail, a joint project of the city park system and The Washington Rotary Club.  It is a much loved, scenic path that winds along the Missouri River as it passes by Washington’s Historic Downtown Area. We have groaned and complained upon arising each day until we […]


We’ve Each A Place

By what authority proclaimed, by what process or fair measure? Removing living things deemed irritants…are they not also treasures? Even seedlings have intrinsic beauty, some small redeeming grace. Might I not display the buds upon my finest lace?   Dear Lord, who’s eye has deemed them such, to reach but never grow? Should I weed […]


Loaves and Stripes

Having been raised by older parents who lived through the Great Depression and WWII,  I was keenly aware what America and its values and opportunities had afforded them and their immigrant parents.  Lessons were repeated year-round, during big and small occasions, on everything from soup to nuts or, in the case of our home, from […]



I’m sure my father never thought twice about the plywood he delivered to my junior high school that day; but I remember it on occasion, especially on days like this when I think I haven’t accomplished nearly what I set out to do. In fact, today was one of those the whole damn day was […]


You’ve Read My Heart

I could not see through darker days and clouds that hide the silver offered me; if not for You.  You beckon me into Your arms, embracing me well before I sense the coming cold. Responding to my childlike, mumbled cries and tears, Your answers come to my unspoken prayers…I need no longer fear. You’ve read […]


Sunday’s Pleasures

I worked at the downtown card shop with another mother who was a pastor’s wife; she had invited us to attend service for some time, so I decided to attend one Sunday and drove across town with my only child to their church.  I remember saying No gum to my little girl as we walked […]


Equally Yoked

It was many years into my practicing being a Protestant that I came to finally hear (or perhaps actually understand) the biblical concept “equally yoked”. The expression did indeed explain a multitude of current dilemmas that I’d been unable to articulate for many months.  Depression had set in and some days, I wouldn’t have known […]

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