Saving the Day

“I’m going to tell Mom what you’re doing!”

This threat echoed over the neighboring fence to the group of kids playing doctor in the tree house.  No matter that it came from one of the younger ones on the block, the only boy child who answered nature’s calls by peeing behind his garage instead of running into his house!  Regardless, the rest of us would disperse, finding other things to do, like play school or play cards.  A game of Hearts or Go Fish could entertain kids back then.

When the kids on the block couldn’t play, then – as a last resort – my baby sister and I made the necessary effort to get along.  One favorite game of ours was to hop on our swing set and play Mighty Mouse.  One of us would sing the required “Here I come to save the day…Mighty Mouse is on the way!” at which time “Mighty” jumped from the highest point of the swing, ostensibly to rescue the other who had jumped previously.  This game entertained us for hours.  We used our imagination because we were captive; our mother didn’t drive, she cooked; and dinner would be ready soon.