Life Had Captured Our Attention

That year was an awakening of sorts.  After the love of my life suffered a stroke and then needed a double by-pass and new valve, I’d found myself in a new role: caregiver.  I never fancied myself the nurse type, but I was going to have to use what strengths and talents I had to assist in his recovery.  My job loss was just the icing on the cake of several mixed blessings in 2011.

My Rogue and I have always had a great partnership.  Of course, I made the mistake of marrying an older man who could retire several years ahead of me!!!  All joking aside, we share similar business acumen, politics, and the love of good books, good writing, the arts, and satirical humor.  Now that I could share those enjoyments more frequently, I had some personal choices to make.

Thankfully, his medical professionals were absolutely great (and patient) and supported my needs as well.  We had begun anew this year, thanking God for each improvement, each day, and each chuckle along this journey.  While our diet habits were always good, we took some time to review and tweak a few lifestyle practices along the way.  There were plenty of incentives now that life had captured our attention.

Especially, it was time for me; to assess and to fine-tune my many passions, so that I could turn my routine hours into a joy-filled past time – a want-to, not a have-to.  Whatever products and services I chose to incorporate into my fledgling entrepreneurial company would have to meet my joy-filled standards:  integrity, purposeful, service-minded, people-pleasing and, last but not least, loaded with smiles and fun!

2012:  The caregiver side of me is tired… but I am joyfully interacting with people in a purposeful, service-minded manner, and thoroughly enjoying the smiles I encounter here in God’s Country and on the net!  Yes, my world has expanded nationally if not yet globally.

Thank you, Dear Readers! You have favored me with a grace-filled amount of patience when my postings are running late; or I must resort to a particular ribeting favorite to fill in the “blanks”.   Life’s callings still trump my self-imposed deadlines.  I am truly grateful to all of you who continue to check in and remember: the smiles are free…

Your Frog Haven Lady  xox