This pain is not sharp; nor does it come without warning.

It settles in for its intended stay and leaves only after its visit has become tiresome and of lesser value for the present.

But not before it has assumed a user-friendly persona, negating all things bright and beautiful, moments new and songs unsung.

Choosing instead to dwell on some things great, memories sad, and dark sides shared with none…

Thus, quietly… without attracting much attention, this pain runs its course, enveloping the nooks and crannies of mindful possibilities…and weaving a pattern of


Response-hurt/Less Response – Deeper Hurt

toward the probable

Final Response – No More Hurt.


Dear Reader,

I wrote this many years ago.  Why share it now, you ask?

Depression is a real illness. Even today, this illness can be overlooked, easily misunderstood, or even misdiagnosed.  People of all ages and from all walks of life are touched by it; it is extremely painful to watch a loved one suffer.

Successful treatments do exist!  Often, an individual only needs a professional, guiding hand.  Wishing you and your loved ones well —– the FrogHavenLady