Under Angels Wings

God provides Earth Angels when we need them most in our lives. Like Santa, they know where to find us, even when we’ve moved two thousand miles from our original stomping grounds.  Disguised as kind-hearted souls in plain clothing (neon, even), these individuals step up, into the fray! They help carry a heavy, often unfamiliar burden.  This past year, God’s local winged contingent came to our rescue when my Rogue first suffered a stroke, and then underwent open heart surgery a few months later.   For all the moments that

  • He needed encouragement and company,
  • I was too chicken to drive on a snow-dusted highway ,
  • our yard needed mowing,
  • our disposal quit and needed replacing ,
  • our computer needed transporting to the repair shop,
  • prayers, cards, emails and kindnesses arrived from near and not-so-near,

Or we just needed a friendly voice and hug; please accept our deepest thanks.


Years ago, our daughter had been diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA).  She was fourteen years old.  We mentioned this to a customer of ours who submitted her name to his service club; and very soon, we were notified that she had been accepted for treatment by Shriners Hospitals for Children!   Until twenty-one, she was under Shriners loving care and received numerous orthotic shoe fittings, prescriptions, and thorough medical attention, including a shoulder replacement.


God opened windows once again this year: while caring for my husband, I have begun my long-wished-for profession: to write!  2011 marks my first year as the author and owner of the FrogHavenLady website; thanks to the support of family and friends within this community, I wrote my first small check with first earnings to the Take 5 Donation Program.  My eventual hope is that my writing gifts may serve as yet another conduit, helping ensure continued and loving care toward some of the many needs of little critters in all sizes, like other Shriners Kids.


As He has for us, may God continue to pour forth blessings of renewed hope, health, and new windows for you and yours this coming 2012!

The smiles are free—     the FrogHavenLady