Written Materials

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Written Materials: drafting, editing and critiquing of:

  • Calendars & Schedules – including simple graphic layout if needed
  • Campaign Tracts & Political Flyers for Candidates or Issues – including simple graphic/photo layout
  • Labels & Inserts i.e. Warranties, Product Care – Mandatory content (to be furnished by Client); attention to details i.e. Consumer Safety Warnings, Product Care-washing, storing, other communications.
  • Marketing & Promo pieces i.e. Close-Outs, Warehouse Sales – Choice of printer-ready format: flyer, letter or postcard
  • Newsletters; Monthly or Quarterly – Choose your style
  • Packaging i.e. Panels, Bullet points – Description panels, Bullet Points
  • Press Releases – For E-Releases and for Newsprint
  • Scripts; for either PHONE and/or EMAIL purposes – Useful for Call Centers, Training, Standardization of Protocols