I wondered where I’d be when daily drops would stop or end,

Since they would slither down my cheeks without any notice and not cease

But just pretend.


Rainbows hadn’t stopped another inch of rain to fall or so I felt at first,

When alone and all around me sun rays warmed The Others’ cheeks…

Lighter days, in spelling out another Spring, the flowers burst for some who’d

passed beyond the storm and weathered havoc’s wreak


Slowly, months and years passed by and, on occasion, I would feel

A lonely teardrop left behind, in fact, its memory fairly leapt to mind!

A familiar scent. A touch. A church bell sound.

The paths we shared, why I could still have you in my very own surround!


Some comfort food, a glass of wine, and I’d tell myself I’ll not miss those days as

much or even yet again! In fact, I’ll only charm and laugh at new!

Repeatedly, in quiet voice and counsel, I hear Him tell me:

Despite my sorrow, I must teach what I have known.


A twinge of unnecessary loss and my soul questions again, Why?

Bright new things are mine to own.

It will take time. Those words lie fallow.

Here and there, another wince and silenced groan.


Sharing through my childhood lens, I’ll explain a bit; sometimes, too much.

For those seeking comfort themselves, keen eyes observe a scar split open.

Remembering my promise, I reach out; perhaps one more try, one more

touch. Before tomorrow, I must once more accept His Will be Done.


So that family, friends, loved ones all– might note with understanding pause

I take up again another day and accept when comes another inch of rain…

Just because.