By Any Other Name

Daddy coined the name, “Rubberneck Avenue”, because one could safely leave the house on any given day or time and know that with all the women keeping watch out their windows your family’s possessions were completely safe from harm.

I was in grammar school when the Hot-line between the Kremlin and the White House was introduced to the world as the most sophisticated and efficient form of communication for our time.  Not a very big deal for those of us from Rubberneck Avenue; we’d have put our Tri-Window Patrol up against Kennedy and Khrushchev anytime!

Besides, the world community recognized only two Ks.  On the local level, our neighborhood recognized a third K, another commanding, stalwart leader:  Mr. K, our elementary principal from Laurel.  Parents and children alike addressed him by his last name only.  If one believed The Cold War evoked Fear, one hadn’t yet been introduced to or confronted by Mr. K.