The Would-Have-Beens

I’m late posting my snippet for the series, A Daughter Still, that I write and normally present to my readers on Mondays….

Having a website is a humbling experience.  One understands and appreciates the public’s need to be entertained and the writer’s dilemma in fulfilling their expectations; sometimes, it’s a go!  Other times, it’s not that easy and the words must be extracted with imaginary dental tools to reach onto the printed page.

I’ve returned home from a trip to visit My Only and her family in California.  Time waits for no one, so I was fortunate enough that my siblings could drive up to meet me for a very quick lunch and visit.  Those are the moments that I wish might have lasted longer; but I am, still, grateful for the quick interaction and sibling banter we squeezed in (we are much experienced at chiding one another on short notice).

Of course, many of our meeting places resemble the types of hang outs and restaurants that our folks would have enjoyed; so too was the luncheon place this past Tuesday.  Big Sis and the Brat both remarked how very much at home the folks would have been there, having a cocktail and enjoying the local management and ambience.  We would have been comfortable – all of us – and extremely pleased with both the food and the hospitality this small establishment bestowed.

Funny how we three daughters can’t get together without toasting the folks memories…of course, today’s participants need toasting and well wishes also.  The individuals gathered ‘round the table are all at different places in their individual journeys; it is up to us three siblings to carry on – literally and figuratively – to make sure that the traditions of family and unconditional loving care are passed along to the younger generation…whatever their place or needs or focus may be.

The door was always open for us; so, we find a door close by and open it to the possibilities it affords us to continue the would-have-beens were the folks still sitting at our table.  Life is good.  Don’t be bashful…have a taste of the shrimp…