Shifting into Gear

Ahh…the marriage contract; what a wonderful excursion into the minds of two people in love and on their way to a future that is bright with — I’m searching for a word here… wait, it’s coming to me…no, that’s not it…perhaps… yeah that would work — gear-shifting moments.  That’s it!

The marriage contract:  an excursion of two people in love on their path to a future bright with gear-shifting moments! For instance, there’s the

Finding the Right Nest Gear:

The woman will be looking in the kitchen, the bath, the pantry and the closets to assess work and storage space.  Chances are good that the kitchen was designed by a man; based on where his buddy the plumber suggested he could save some money, the appliances will all be accounted for, just not necessarily in the best location for the cook’s convenience.  I can finally wear my pedometer…

If the house has a mud/laundry room, she already knows where the bulk of the day’s junk will not end up, since the younger members will walk right on through and drop their packs and school books onto the kitchen table, closer to the snacks and the household action.  What? Are we out of frozen pizza snacks???

The homemaker will walk into the bedrooms, sizing up whether the children’s beds will fit; and who will have to share a room if she hopes to have the sewing room she’s longed for ever since the kids started in school.  That was seven years ago, and it’s a no go.  The teen has already convinced Pop that he should have a room all to himself, i.e., the downstairs hideaway laid out with the Berber carpet and the open shelving along the wall.   Cool! Wait till the guys see this.

Pop will take another look at the family room upstairs…if he works it just right, he can fit the big screen into the corner, away from the kitchen activity but with a direct bee line to the fridge.  No problem; just need another recliner and a few bean bags for the guys…

Had I known just how important a skill it is to be able to shift assumptions and first thoughts aside, I’d have researched this next little known “gear” before I said I do…like the

What Was Your First Book? Gear:

Wife:  The Little Red Hen

Hubby:  The Story of Ferdinand the Bull

Case in point: the house party is over and it’s time to clean up the mess.

Hubby:  Honey, I finished up the rest of the candies in the glass dish for you; it’s ready for you to wash and put away.

(He finished them??? Those candies were little marzipan fruits, the beautifully shaped, very rich, almond paste candies that are normally too rich for anyone to eat more than one…and they are completely gone. Thanks a lot, Ferdinand. I never even had the chance to taste one!)

Wife:  Thank you, Dear.

Hubby: Don’t mention it, Honey…

I rest my case.