Liars, Tyrants and Broads…OH MY!

It is the Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of MGM’s classic Wizard of Oz. This is another marketing celebration whose time has come! Oh, for the good old days, when we’d grown up embracing television specials and only concerned ourselves about lions, tigers and bears on a once-a-year basis! Twenty-five years later, I was retailing the collectibles for the Wizard’s Fiftieth.  Time flies when one is making a living!

I can’t help but allude to an analogy to our republic’s current cultural genre. At this juncture, I’m still hanging in there, attempting to understand exactly which freak of nature skewed my nation’s GPS!  Life in a sovereign America has been turned upside down, diminished to the likes of a third world cultural, muddled economy.  Is this some type of penance for America’s free market successes?

I have no incentive to be anything but retrospective; I choose only to use the rules and societal lines that were embedded on my heart like those who grew up in an America that promised opportunities, and whose Hollywood provided a rainbow of colors when one reached one’s Somewhere. 

When I use this older template against today’s political mural, my eyes and ears burn from practiced, false prophets and greed-driven leaders.  Some of the women’s personas are particularly offensive to this business woman’s personal sensitivities. Both sexes are equally guilty of despicable representation purportedly “on Americans behalf”. Such raffish and arrogant behavior has long ago replaced any remaining essence of my former America’s decorum. 

What difference does it make?

Dear God in Heaven…did I actually witness such offensive rhetoric by one of my generation?  Allergies aside, inept explanations and condescending theatrics from government leaders is well outside the perimeters of my personal belief system.  I’m left gasping for my old Somewhere. 

Look there: paw prints. OH MY!!!  Not to worry. It was only a critter foraging for leftovers. Four-legged critters no longer concern me…