The Economy Ain’t Going Away, Chief…


Form # KAUT-AGN-2 (use only for confiscated company property)

Date: 5-24-88

Estimated Value: $.69

Submitted by Assoc. # 569

Please briefly describe the circumstances that resulted in your discovery:

Last evening, while working package pick-up duties wherein all employees depart the store premises at the end of their shift, I confiscated a can of cleanser from Assoc. # 304’s bag.

The associate had little or no information regarding its presence among the extra, throw away hangers in his bag.  How the cleanser had worked its way to the snug position at the bottom of the bag was indeed a mysterious occurrence.

I convinced the associate to leave the can of cleanser at my station, promising that I’d guard it personally until a proper approval form from his supervisor would materialize.  He was hesitant but, obviously sensing my sincerity of purpose, he agreed to leave it behind.

Said can remains here in my department.  Please advise at your convenience. Thank you.

Signature of Reporting Associate: WE Gotcherhenry

Additional notes or pertinent information:

All the tell tale signs were there:  the bent posture, the bleached hands, the worn-thru knees of his workpants.  It was apparent that this was yet another employee who didn’t know where his next can of cleanser was coming from.


COPIES:  Original to Security Dept.; place Carbon in Dept. Supervisor’s mailbox.

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