Poetry and Prose

Annette Brochier Johnson (a.k.a Frog Haven Lady) has been writing nearly her whole life on various topics. Click a topic below to read excerpts.

A Daughter Still

When a Daddy’s Girl adopts her father’s old world values, guilt, and other useless attributes…

Another Inch of Rain

Reconciling the What Is from the What Might Have Been

Bonding is Overrated

Anxieties and Magical Moments in Marriage and Parenting

Custer’s Commentary

Functioning as a business-minded square peg in today’s politically one-size-fits-all global culture

Esteban Garden

The Spiritual Side of Gardening Recorded by a Layman’s Hand.

Legacies of the Season

Lessons inherent in Celebrated Moments

Rubberneck Avenue

Neighborhood tales of a 1950’s Village

Ribeting Favorites

Favorite snippets from the collections listed above and some holiday specific selections

To the Manor Worn

The never ending, nowhere-near resolved, quest for a quality retirement