Rethinking Valentine’s Day

Each generation has had a favorite voice silenced too soon.  Thanks to the wonders of technology, we will still share in musical reverie; the bittersweet tones will combine and take their place among the joyous octaves that rose above one life’s pain, revealing a vocal presence for what it was:  one daughter’s gift from an ever- loving, forgiving, heavenly Father God.

An entire musical family is mourning a lovely songstress this Valentine’s Day…let them grieve at their own pace; keep her child and family uplifted in prayers.  May they feel real, embracing arms within their immediate circle of mourners.

That leaves the rest of us, here in our own little neighborhood worlds, far from the confines of an interfering press.  Let this Valentine’s Day serve as a reminder to make an effort to touch the ones still within our grasp:  our children, our peers, our mentors – all can use a reassuring reminder of just how much we love and honor them, but don’t often say it enough.  In my view, such love is best left unconditional, without parameters or measuring sticks that may only discourage a more sensitive, child-like heart from needed healing and fellowship.

Medicine and kisses come in all shapes and forms:  in hand-made construction paper hearts; a cup of tea; a tray of favorite cookies; a bouquet of blossoms; perhaps a spur of the moment invitation to share a loaf of bread with cheese  or homemade soup and a glass of wine.   Keep it simple, but do not disdain the simplicity of grass roots; once each little hamlet has been groomed to hear in common accord the harmonious keys, we can move forward in what is today a vulnerable present for all ages.